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Sunday, 4 December 2016

** No Signal Sound Mix #7: Wire, Pole, Earth **

David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest became more relevant than ever the morning after America voted Donald Trump to be the next President of the United States of America. A year ago I climbed up the stairs of Fefe's small flat in Peckham with a laptop, mic and mic stand with a copy of the book in my bag. We'd both read it and I wanted to record her reading one of my favourite chapters from the novel for me to sample and use in Dj sets. After we'd set up in the living room, I opened up her copy of the book and found that she'd highlighted the entire extract I wanted her to read. The thing was, I hadn't even told her that this was the exact same section I wanted to record that night... I'd largely forgotten about the recording until the events of November brought it ringing from the back of my mind. Madame Psychosis' monologue mirrors its author's steely-eyed, unblinking solidarity with the mis-understood, ignored, villified and marginalised of society. His words will always be worth reading and hearing one more time...

Terre Thaemlitz's K-S.H.E open the mix with B2B, followed by Simon Fisher Turner's
Shishapangma (itself released by Terre's Comatonse Records in 2013). Simon Fisher Turner plays Cafe Oto in February. Next, Ta Shto Mi E Miloj, Mamo follows from a record of Bulgarian Village Music I picked up from the estate of a deceased Nuclear Physicist (Thanks Andy.) The almighty SND come next with Push 01 from "4,5,6" of which only 300 copies were ever released. Dennis Bovell follows with the thunder-rumbling River Dub, a 7" I picked up from Benji at Supertone Records last year - a shop that never, ever let's you down. Next comes A.L. Lloyd's incredible Pit Boots, from an excellent compilation of industrial British folk music released in 1963 called "The Iron Muse". Study XI is a highlight from an album of many gems and Infant Eyes is of another order completely. The soundtrack to Alexandro Jodorowsky's El Topo was tucked in-between 7,000 records in a storage unit outside London and Phil Minton's burping improvisation Is It Safe? melds in beautifully here. Beny More's Como Fue is one of my dad's favourite songs of all time :). Lorenzo Senni continued his hot streak with the Persona EP at the end of last year. Thank you for my Hopelessness special edition Mani xxx. Higher Plane was another Benji recommendation and the penny dropped on the greatness of Ricardo's Duso while being driven along the Spanish coast with my family this summer past... Blue Times by NNM is a record that came from a link-up with two women in a field in Essex, i'm forever grateful for inheriting that UKG collection which got carried back in two reinforced Lidl bags and a backpack on the C2C from Tilbury Town...


1. Kami-Sakunobe House Explosion K-S.H.E - B2B (2006) [Excerpt]
2. Simon Fisher Turner - Shishapangma (2013)
3. Nadezhda Georgieva Klicherova, Gena Ivanova Bodenova, Nadezhda Georgieva Palestova - Ta Shto Mi E Miloj, Mamo (1970)
4. SND - Push 01 (2008)
[Intercut with: William Burroughs - Tape Cut-ups (1968)]
5. Dennis Bovell - River Dub (1977)
6. A.L. Lloyd - Pit Boots (1963)
7. Rupert Clervaux & Beatrice Dillon - Study XI (2015)
8. Wayne Shorter - Infant Eyes (1964)
9. Alexandro Jodorowsky - The Pain of The Honey (1971)
[Intercut with: Phil Minton - Is It Safe? (2013)]
10. Beny More - Como Fue (1963)
11. Lorenzo Senni - Elegant & Never Tiring (2014)
12. Anohni - Drone Bomb Me [A Capella] (2016)
13. Danny Scrilla - Higher Plane (2015)
14. Ricardo Villalobos - Duso [Excerpt] (2005)
15. NNM - Blue Times (Featuring Nina) (1999)

Entire mix intercut with selected readings from David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest (1996), read by Fefe Cundale.